abilitYoga was originally started by a team of two experienced occupational therapists to provide unique therapeutic yoga for individuals with special needs, either developmental disabilities or special healthcare needs, in the metropolitan Rochester, New York area. Our motto is to put ABILITY first! In particular, we focus on providing person-centered individualized yoga services as a complementary therapy for children and adults of all ages and levels. Our treatment is designed to help individuals attain optimal functional performance across a variety of environments. 

Our prior work experiences as occupational therapists serve as an excellent background to develop a holistic approach to use the essence of traditional yoga to address individual needs and to accommodate mild to severe delays in cognitive, social-emotional, communication and motor areas.

At abilitYoga, a typical therapeutic yoga session is designed to help individuals of all abilities improve the following:
  • Self-regulation and grounding through singing,
  • Proper breathing and vision exercises,
  • Motor skills via the use of yoga postures, 
  • Mindfulness and meditative qualities, and
  • Guided deep relaxation including the use of soothing, calming music (e.g., Chinese bamboo music) to assimilate all of the benefits achieved during the session.
The methodology used at abilitYoga is based on Sonia Sumar's Yoga for the Special Child (R) program. This program provides a safe and stimulating approach for relaxation and movement that fosters well-being and development in individuals through mind and body integration.