About Us

abilitYoga was started by a team of two occupational therapists, Cheryl Albright and Samu Raj, who have both been trained in Sonia Sumar's Yoga for the Special Child (R) program. After Cheryl's move to Florida in 2014, Samu now runs abilitYoga.

Samu Raj has been an occupational therapist for fourteen years. She received her Master of Arts in Occupational Therapy from New York University in New York City and her Bachelor of Arts in Biology from State University of New York at Oswego. Samu has worked in pediatric occupational therapy, both in New York City and the Rochester metropolitan area, and has treated children with social, emotional, neurological, sensory and learning challenges. She has completed the Sensory Integration Certification Program by USC/WPS, i.e., she is SIPT-certified (Sensory Integration and Praxis Tests). Samu has also taken numerous courses in both occupational therapy and yoga for individuals with special needs, which have helped her to enhance her knowledge and skills. In addition, she has direct experiences with a family member in the Autism Spectrum, where she has witnessed the beneficial outcomes of practicing yoga in relieving stress, reducing anxiety, enhancing education potential, and improving overall well-being and quality of life. 

abilitYoga is thus committed to providing superior services that will allow individuals with special needs reach maximum potential across all environments. abilitYoga will create an optimal environment to foster development and growth for its clients.